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Old Buick - Unsure of the year?
Community Feedback
19cvy57man  - February 25, 2008
Idea 321: Look in past issues of Rod & Custom of the 50's & 60's. and maybe you'll find it there in it's original state.
ih200  - December 18, 2007
yeah that looks like studebaker front bumper, we had a 57 scotsman when i was a kid. a real, orig custom like that would be hot right now,too bad its so rough.
skip  - May 11, 2007
looks like a 56-57 studebaker front end, at least the bumper.
55pickup  - May 6, 2007
Yup right next door to that 51 caddy
jocko13  - April 4, 2007
nice custom at one time might of even graced the pages of hot rod one time in history
69pontiacbonneville  - March 26, 2007
could possibly be restored
fenderuse22  - January 30, 2007
This is just sad! This looks like it was probably a really nice custom at one time. Maybe it was in a fire and that's why it ended up in it's current state. it would be great if somebody knew some history on it.
rustyoldman  - August 3, 2006
It is a1954 or 55. At one time you payed good money for a custom grill like that.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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