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Heaping pile of cars
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kevintracy  - February 21, 2011
I work across the street from a scrapyard / recycling facility. I am sickened almost daily looking out the window to see the carnage. Piles of cars like this one. Just in the last few weeks to my memory, I've seen a 57 Ranchero, 64 Rambler, 56 Plymouth, 73 elCamino, Scouts & Travelalls, Galaxies, Beetles, 60s Chevy & Ford pickups, 59 Fairlane. And there's an auto dismantler just across the corner. Just shows how (1.) some people are ignorant, and (2.) many people are deperate and struggling. But mostly just don't care about cars. So sad.
smokenm  - February 18, 2011
I believe that is my Nova! In 1975 I traded it in for a Monte Carlo and watched as the small dealer tried to sell it on a Rosseville, Ga. lot. During the second week a strong storm moved through and I remember seeing it with a telephone pole across the trunk. It broke my heart then and now I get to see it's last picture. Don't know who posted it but T/Y.
kviper52  - May 20, 2010
dont think theres a vette but i see a thunderbird and next to it i see the stacked headlights of a 60's le mans GTO or galaxie
68chevelless  - February 20, 2010
Where is the Vette ?????
novanut74  - January 4, 2010
what a way to waste cars and parts
kuhln  - December 24, 2009
the 2 brown ones in the middle are a 69 galaxie, a 70 galaxie
corsa65  - July 12, 2009
hey nhpaul you missed the 73 vega and the 65 lemans
legratrodder  - May 10, 2009
I can't see the Vette. Lot's of great 60's American iron. I had a '64 GTO conv. in college and it went to the scraper when my parents sold their farm. I still haven't gotten over that. My black '57 Chevy hardtop went to the crusher too. I still weep late at night. Where's the Vette.
nhpaul  - May 1, 2009
66 Nova,60s fullsize Pontiac,2 early 70s LTD,64 Tempest,mid 60s Cadillac,61 Ford,late 60s Country Squire,69 Chevy wagon.
14yearoldtrucklover  - April 12, 2009
what sick person gets rid of a corvette to have a fate like this??
41dodgeman  - February 12, 2009
I always wanted one of those chevy twos. but guess i'm lucky I've had two 64 novas.
my406cid80fb  - December 17, 2008
Can you believe it! a pair of early Chevy II tail lights! And they still have the bezels too!
mph  - December 12, 2008
how many can you identify?
ford808  - November 1, 2008
Corvette? Where?
dodgewolfgang  - May 22, 2008
look at the corvette
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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