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1959 Corvette left to rot away
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opschief3537  - October 8, 2014
Alabamalineman, Where is she located?
opschief3537  - December 19, 2012
Where abouts is this 59 being held hostage???
alabamalineman  - November 13, 2009
I go buy every chance I get. He has a 39 chevy coupe also
green66ford  - November 12, 2009
I would like to have that 59 vette that was left to rot away... Calvin I have found out if you take the people for their word and don't keep checking with them, You'll ride by one day just to be curious and you will find out that they sold it or give it away.... Keeep on them...
legratrodder  - September 8, 2009
Same old story. I'll restore it someday. How can people treat a car like this so poorly. We just have to hope it really will be saved. Sitting in grass is terrible for undercarriages.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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