1974 Chevelle Laguna S3 350
A little rust around the edges never hurt anyone
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metallicafan88  - March 20, 2011
i dose look a bit like a mustang 2 or you could say a mustang 2 looks a bit like a chevelle laguna because mustang 2s started in 74 while chevelle lagunas started in 73
metallicafan88  - March 5, 2011
that is just the roof of a 37ish ford coupe it looks like
ace120  - February 1, 2011
millertime has a point. if you look close at the front end, you can see a definite resemblance to a Mustang II
legratrodder  - January 8, 2011
What is that coupe body in the back. Looks to be sitting on top of a van. Maybe just the roof of a coupe.
delorean1111111111  - November 29, 2010
Not even close to a Mustang.
millertime  - October 22, 2010
That looks like the Mustang IIs to me
metallicafan88  - July 8, 2010
i dont get why alot of people dont like these cars i really like em
58chevyguy  - July 2, 2010
I saw one of these at a show and shine last week. They don't look too bad all done up.
metallicafan88  - March 6, 2010
i believe this one drives i think that what the guy said
novanut74  - January 3, 2010
easy restoration
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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