1974 Chevy Nova
Graham from Northern ontario Canada, sent this and said it has been sitting out back of an old abandoned garage for years....1973-74 Chevy Nova or Acadian....
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58chevyguy  - July 2, 2010
Your right panelguy, older is better!
novanut74  - January 3, 2010
I'd live to make a cool rod out of this baby
my406cid80fb  - December 17, 2008
looks like it needs a pole kit.
panelguy  - March 6, 2008
panelguy  - March 6, 2008
I bet the local high school kids and teacher could turn this back into a cool rod....
4wheelsandaseat  - February 29, 2008
what a clean little car got a tow truck???
panelguy  - January 3, 2008
Cut it up for scrap to make a new piece of garbage that wont be around for half as long as this "real" car has been....? I think not......!!!!!!! You wont see any 2008 Fords,Dodges or Chevys even in this condition 40 years from now....they are nothing but grossly overpriced pieces of plastic.
totalcarnut  - December 30, 2007
most definatly a 73 74 Nova see the plastic on the ends of the fenders to compensate for the extra space and the headlamp bezels are completely different from the 60's models I know I replaced a pair of bezels on mine 69 the old ones were pitted cordobaman as much as I love mopars things look pretty dim for many more new models don't think they can stand being old too many more times
chevy69  - August 24, 2007
this 72 acadean in its day would eat and spit out and ford or dodge any yaer.
chevy69  - August 24, 2007
i would like to get a hold of this one it would fit in to my collection
cordobaman  - August 19, 2007
Cut her up for scrap. She'd make a nice 2008 ford or dodge.
55pickup  - August 1, 2007
panelguy  - July 14, 2007
I finally got back to check this out...it is/was a 1974 Nova with a 400 in it.
58olds  - June 11, 2007
i want to resto it,will make a nice ride
fordforever  - May 24, 2007
well i think it is a 72 but nice car would love to have it in my backyard
musclecarconnection  - May 16, 2007
NOT A 1970 -1973 OR 74
panelguy  - April 22, 2007
this was a hatchback..
panelguy  - April 15, 2007
maybe even an Olds Omega...?
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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