Just sitting in a yard is a late 60s early 70s Mopar with a Daytona wing. Not sure if it is a real Superbird.
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lovetheostrich  - June 21, 2013
Those are Satellite taillights not Superbird. That car isn't a Superbird or a Roadrunner
captainhowdy  - March 23, 2013
No, those are the correct taillights as the Superbird was based on the Roadrunner/GTX platform and the Daytona was based on the Dodge Charger but with Coronet front fenders. This probably isn't real, but it would make a great clone!
dragonknight1  - November 11, 2011
the wing is superbird if he gets a 70 dodge r/t fenders n hood and calls year one for the nose he'd have a near superbird , just need a basic 440 or a true 426 hemi
58chevyguy  - October 28, 2011
Superbirds had vinyl tops and different tail lights.
58chevyguy  - September 13, 2011
Its most likely a roadrunner with a wing.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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