1973 dodge charger, 440, 4bbl
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moparmainiac  - February 23, 2011
yes this is a 72, I just saved a 73 se from the junk, a friend found it being loaded on a trailor being hauled to the crusher, he called me and I talked to the man who owned and in was trailored to my house instead
bigjr  - September 5, 2009
fix it please
lilmilbob  - August 26, 2009
moparguy426  - June 22, 2009
worth fixin no doubt
nhpaul  - May 25, 2009
1971/72 Charger SE,really great looking cars,not a lot of headroom though,but amazing styling.
dodgemirada80  - March 21, 2009
1972 Charger SE.The only year for that style roofline.Under that vinyl top is a metal plug welded into the standard Charger quarter window opening.The seam was then Bondo'ed over and then covered by the vinyl top.
torinocobra  - February 9, 2009
that would make an awsome 70s rod. cragars and a hemi
patato  - January 29, 2009
my mom says that car is ugly
rustynail1o2  - January 28, 2009
rustynail1o2  - January 28, 2009
now theres a real rice right there!
oldmanjones  - July 6, 2008
Why not just plain jane it with a good 426 hemi and have funnnn.
4wheelsandaseat  - February 29, 2008
could be made into an RT/SE clone
busterskippyrastess  - January 20, 2008
fix it
street454  - January 11, 2008
The rear quarter glass section on a 71-72 has got a more dramatic "v" shape to it. More like a 68 Chevelle. The 73 and 74 Chargers are like what you see here with the roofline extending straight down to the quarter panel. "SE" cars had the three "opera" style windows for quarter glass. And yes, moparbountyhunter4, 72 was the last year for the hidden headlights.
panelguy  - January 3, 2008
um Novaman....it already says it is a 73 charger.
novaman  - November 8, 2007
it maybe a 73 charger
moparbountyhunter4  - August 9, 2007
Seeing this car brings back alot of memories. My first car was a 1972 Charger SE. I think 72 was the last year for hideaway headlights and the full vinyl top. Neat cars!
dalwhe1970  - August 3, 2007
I have more pictures I have posted but old ride did not.
55pickup  - August 1, 2007
would like to see more pics of this babe
1971roadrunner  - July 31, 2007
are you fixing it?? if not where is she?
fenderuse22  - July 28, 2007
Does it still run?
dalwhe1970  - July 17, 2007
1973 dodge charger, 440, 4bbl. now, bought from original owner who had a dodge dealership in Northern manitoba.
digger  - July 16, 2007
panelguy  - July 11, 2007
Yeah...cool hideaway headlights...looks like lot of sitting behind it.
fenderuse22  - July 11, 2007
1971-74 Charger. cool car
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