1971 Ford Ranchero
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rbk46  - November 14, 2015
That front end looks like a '68
junkyardmustang  - March 1, 2011
save both of the fords
legratrodder  - January 8, 2011
Early rancheros were very cool. Love the Falcons and parts are cheap because of the Mustang/Falcon interchange. Early Fairlane rancheros are very nice cars as well. I'm not a Ford guy, but appreciate all vintage iron.
kviper52  - May 20, 2010
yes but they are from the era that we all wish we were in the american muscle era
4wheelsandaseat  - March 19, 2010
To each there own but these things are just ugly.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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