1933 Plymouth

This 33 Plymouth has been sitting behind an 18 wheeler for years.

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Mar 22, 2010

at least its up off the ground

Dec 10, 2009

Summer meet of the Plymouth Owners Club this year a 1934 PE bidniz koop won Best Of Show in Group 1 (1928-1939). Beautiful car. My 53 Cranny will never get judged. Even though mostly original, it's basically a rat with a Maaco paint job. We still have fun and find acceptance with this club.

Nov 10, 2009

33&34 Mopars have allways been my pick allso in looks.Never saw a coupe chopped in a 33 or 34 I liked as good as the factory roof line.I had a 36 Ply coupe a few years and loved driving it but allways whished it was a 33 or 34.Allso the great lookin grill that is the same in the trucks is as good as any make in looks IMO.Plus the doors were even rear hing in the pickups.Allso the great hump back panels.Do you get the idea I like them? ha ha Have had my full fendered 37 chevy rat 1/2 ton since 1977 and like drving it but wish it allso was a 33or34 Mopar.

Oct 25, 2009

The basis for a great rat. These had far nicer styling than GMs or Fords and already look chopped.