Rusty Abandoned Classic Cars from the 80's
Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
It comes as no surprise that the 1980's were a turbulent decade for Detroit automakers as they witnessed many changes to thei r automobiles. By 1980, the average cost of a new car had doubled from the 70's to around $7000 and gas rose to 90 cents a gallon. The government tightened emission control which limited the horsepower potential of 1980's era cars causing them to become smaller and more fuel efficient. Seeing the end of big-block engines, fuel-injection began to take over and soon imports burst out onto the performance scene. Japan became a major presence and producer of automobiles in the U.S. In a decade which was fashioned by the big hair, metal bands, spandex and neon clothing most would think it was a time that taste forgot. However, you might be surprised at the nice machinery that emerged and is bound to be a classic in the future. Who knows, you might see a Delorean, IROC Z or Grand National sitting in a field left to rust away. Do you have a photo(s) and a story to share with the community? Send your photos, along with a brief description to [email protected]. ( view more )