1933 1934 Ford Sedan

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Feb 13, 2010

lucky dogs!!! LOTTERY WINNER

Aug 19, 2009

wow that is so cool that would make a awesome hot rod

Jun 16, 2009

Think thats a 34.They have a extra lip of metal on the back of the door were the glass rolls up.This is so when you crank the glass all the way up and a little more it moves back to make a vent in front.33 did not have this.From the front easy to tell.33 has a round crank hole grill and one hood side handle.34 has a grill not as flat and the crank hole is not round.Hood lovers in 34 are more up and down next to the 33 slant.34 has two side handles on the hood.I can not tell the back apart on them.

May 27, 2009

Nice find. Looks like the fenders saved the body from rotting away. A little door work and you have a great hot rod. Excellent save.