Barn Find 1940 Pontiac
A barn find 1940 Pontiac sitting along side the railroad tracks.
Community Feedback
67ltd2  - August 30, 2019
My first car was a 40 Chevy. Looks almost the same.
sadbuf  - January 14, 2015
my 1940 Pontiac looks just like, but is a bus coupe 2 door no back seat straight 6 flathead 223
41dodgeman  - May 4, 2011
what a find, looks like there still out there.
53plypat  - March 12, 2011
I agree, this is in nice shape and worth keeping all Poncho.
legratrodder  - March 7, 2011
These were big cars. throw in a V8 pontiac motor from the 60's-70's and run her.
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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