2 Door with a V8 Hidden Away in a Barn
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rustyford  - February 3, 2016
Looks like my dad's 51 Victoria he owned in the late 50s!!
preachered  - February 27, 2015
Is it for sale. Ed.
ace120  - October 23, 2011
At least it's inside!
myhot56kustom  - July 19, 2011
actually,upon further scrutny,this is a meteor hardtop,canadian built and extremely rare! i noticed the difference by the door trim.jeez,very rare.....
myhot56kustom  - July 19, 2011
51 was the first year for fords hardtop,this being a sadly neglected example....
legratrodder  - May 17, 2011
Two door hardtops are rare and early 50's Ford V8's are even rarer. Shame it sits in the dirt.
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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