1930 Ford Coupe
Larry - from Florida, saw this 1930 Ford Coupe rusting away out in a field, and luckily stopped in to inquire about it and was able to buy it. This along with other Model A's, Touring Sedan's and Roadster pickups were scattered around this farm. Thanks for sending in the Photo's Larry!!!
Community Feedback
jaymanaa  - April 2, 2018
It's screaming rat rod, all you need is an old Dodge Red Ram Hemi (with an intact unbroken crank and Mallory dual point).
29trkguy  - March 24, 2012
Lucky Larry.
58chevyguy  - November 23, 2010
The wheels look brand new!
oldtimerider  - September 24, 2009
Can tell 28-29 model As from 30-31 easy but have a hard time telling the years apart from each two.Like the 30 31 better with the nice body line down door to fire wall thats more like a 32.The 28-29 body looks more like a T at this point but like them better than Ts.Do any of you have a easy way to tell a 30-31 apart if just the body sheet metal is all you got?
junkyardmustang  - June 30, 2009
nice white wall's ...........
chevyguy33  - May 20, 2009
nice wheels
rustynail1o2  - December 13, 2008
awsome! don't hot rod it! restore it!
mastergmmech  - March 17, 2008
kinda funny with new white walls
rodman  - December 26, 2007
that is what we call in the rod world as a gold mine!!!!!!!!!
heavychevy  - September 24, 2007
You are a very lucky man Larry.
harshad  - August 23, 2007
will be really nice rod man.send me the final pics
jeffwegner  - August 16, 2007
Are any for sale.......I'd be interested.......
55pickup  - May 5, 2007
R U thinkin what i'm thinkin??
jackkowalski  - March 25, 2007
could be a great hotrod
devonflood  - March 25, 2007
Was the Model A with the white walls being Rodded
mysterybus  - January 16, 2007
I'm happy to know that beauty got a good home! I wonder about the others?? I wish I know where they are so I could go get one!
alejandrogutierrez  - October 14, 2006
how much are you selling for
brady381need68c10  - August 27, 2006
man thats a nice score! i want the old trucks
robertob  - August 9, 2006
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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