Old Kaiser & Nash
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mustangluver  - July 11, 2008
how do you guys find these cars i live in south georgia and if i go through the woods all i find is gnats and snakes
myhot56kustom  - November 25, 2007
i love that 55 woodie...
nofenders  - August 23, 2007
brady 381need68c10 THAT OLD PICKUP IN THE SECOND SHOT, IS A 46-47 HUDSON PICKUP. there's one not 5 miles from me a driver type $25'000 EL CAMINO'S AND RANCHERO'S WERE SECOND AND THIRD GENERATION TYPES. WHERE ABOUTS IN PA ? I LIVE IN SOUTH JER-Z ANYWHERE IN PA IS LESS THAT A DAYS RIDE. you just never know what's not shown. no fenders
devonflood  - August 8, 2007
Could the car with the faces in it be an American Bantam 1931 model maybe? someone help me out
58olds  - June 3, 2007
The truck in the secent pic is not a hudson,its a willys,rare.
downintheweeds  - April 17, 2007
I would go with the Big Boy too! Cab too wide for an early Ford. Nice old Merc in the back! Reminds me of my old Uncle Dick’s place in MA. Lots of country and old fallen heroes! Devonflood, I don’t doubt you. Now you make me want to know some history on that car!
dman  - March 10, 2007
Now that is erie devonflood. Faces frozen in time!
devonflood  - March 10, 2007
The car in the first picture whatever it is can anyone see in the back of the car it looks like two faces a little boy and girl you can see their heads just above the seat in the doorway do you see em?
genaphill  - January 12, 2007
hey 47chevjyd, pickup is hudson 1946 or 1947 big boy. car in front is 1953 kaiser traveller and car to right is 47 nash 600.
sleepy1974  - December 19, 2006
i like the old truck too is it for sale or not and where is it loc
47chevjyd  - December 16, 2006
hey hal698 it aint no hudson its a 40 ford pu
rusto44  - November 20, 2006
hal698, ya that's a hudson. the ole car to the right's a hudson also. The one in front of the truck is a Kaiser Darwin. Very rare.
hal698  - October 16, 2006
I think that's a Hudson Truck. Somebody help me with this.
brady381need68c10  - August 24, 2006
i wouldnt mind having the old truck in the 2nd picture
jimfromdelrio  - July 12, 2006
I like old junk. I wish I had this 39 Plymouth.
hotdad51  - July 2, 2006
Nice find!
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