1938 Willys Coupe that has been saved!
It sat upsidedown in a stream for a long time before being saved.
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58chevyguy  - May 25, 2011
Look at the licence plate on the car beside it. Those are worth money these days.
rustyfan  - September 4, 2007
why keep something you have no intention on doing anything with and let history just rust away, sell it to someone with the knowhow and heart to get them all back on the road and bring back Saturday night cruising instead of gangbangers and murdering innocent folks cause the youth of today say they have nothing better to do. Man what a waste
55pickup  - May 5, 2007
Nice save mrc: give us some up date photos as you restore if you could please.
choptoptin  - February 23, 2007
Messing around ? a REAL Willys with a Hemi is not fooling around either !!!!
47chevjyd  - February 16, 2007
Hey willysgasser40, im buildin a 41 willys to!!!! Ian't playin around. i got a bb 454 540hp blown supercharged 2x tunnelram and a air collector!
willysgasser40  - December 23, 2006
The 2nd photo is a 1940 Willys sitting on a 1941 frame the 41 frame was wider in the rear . The 1940 Coupe is now sitting on a 1940 Willys frame I am building it back to a 1966 style Gasser 354 Hemi & all old speed equipment ! STRAIGHT front axle Moon tank ect. !!!! No pro street or Mustang II ifs fatman or gag me colors .IT IS A GASSER
47chevjyd  - December 16, 2006
the 2 pic was a 41 willy!!!! it aint no 38 or 37 or whatever!!!!
47chevjyd  - December 16, 2006
rusto44  - November 24, 2006
Totally awesome, Carl, keep up the good work.
hal698  - October 16, 2006
Way to go Carl. That's three cars on Rusty Rides that were rusting away that have been snatched away from the jaws of the rust monster.
mrc  - September 10, 2006
Hey guys, this is a 1938 willys coupe with the roof caved in. It is mine. It is no longer in this shape, so no; it is not a shame. It has been saved. The roof was not caved by a tree. It sat upsidedown in a stream for a heck of a long time. If you have questions on it, email me [email protected] The coupe is no longer a body shell as when this pic was took. It is now a builder car & for sale on plenty of sites. Thank you. Carl Hagan here in Kansas City. Surprised someone other than ME posted a pic here of MY Car. I personally know the owner of the other willys coupe too & it is very very nice now. Niether are still out to pasture left to rot. Both have been saved. Carl Hagan
willysgasser40  - September 7, 2006
The blue rusty 1940 Willys coupe is in my garage it was an old drag car it sits next to a 1931 ford roadster that was built in the 1950's .The coupe was behind an old barn with a 41 Willys gasser truck It took years for me to buy them . The other coupe is a friends of mine it is for sale . Go to gassermadness.com My car is in the lost & found section & the other coupe is in the for sale section
rustyrides  - October 18, 2005
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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