Lot Full of Hopes & Dreams
Lot full of potential Rat Rods or Restored Beauties
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chevygilligboy  - February 10, 2010
split window...heheheh
oldtimerider  - June 29, 2009
Same 34 Ply coupe that in the next pic.Some how it looks like it may have been under water at one time?
niftyfifty  - April 9, 2008
where did they get all these??
onehott57  - February 20, 2008
thats so kool isnt it
bigblock351w  - January 16, 2008
hehe, Ive see worse made to museum quality running cars. that first one though would take me almost a year to make into a driving all there car.
peteranger  - December 31, 2007
the only one that could live on is actually the car in pic 2 the frame looks pretty straight
rustysouth  - December 29, 2007
no,not ruined. you need to see the good in every car! Headlights, glass, dash, roofs, if you can save just one part to be used on someones project, a piece of that car lives on!!!
devonflood  - October 31, 2007
I just think back in the day these were beutiful gems now just ruined
devonflood  - October 30, 2007
I would have never known thanks panelguy it's good to have experts like you
choptoptin  - October 29, 2007
All I can say is "IRON OXIDE " . rust in peace
panelguy  - October 29, 2007
ummm...dumped here and forgotten about...? thats way too funny...and 3 and 4 are the same car...lmao....great comments devon.
devonflood  - October 23, 2007
I pray they were moved here and not dumped there in the day and forgotten about
devonflood  - October 23, 2007
Makes me sad to think what they could've been
devonflood  - October 23, 2007
Car in picture tow looks rough
devonflood  - October 23, 2007
I'm wondering if the cars in picture 3 and 4 could be saved
devonflood  - October 23, 2007
Amazing though Pictures 1,3 and 4 have glass still atached
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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