Future Rat Rod
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rustyford  - February 3, 2016
I love rust, but I'll take the gal!
legratrodder  - April 27, 2011
My doodlebug had two transmissions. I kept the rear one in low and used the front to shift. In low low, it would just crawl. I had a hand throttle and I could get out and walk faster than it would go. I remember seeing them driving on the road in the 1950's. I love old vehicle history.
53plypat  - January 18, 2011
Doodlebugs are actually fairly common and any good size ag show will have one or 2. Most I see are cut off short, with the rear axle just behind the operator's seat. There was one for sale at a swap meet in Longmont, CO a few years ago. The guy wanted a LOT of money for it.
legratrodder  - November 7, 2010
Model AA Ford. The large truck wheels make it an AA. The cowl gas tank makes it a Ford. Body has been cut off. Lots were made into farm vehicles called doodlebugs. I had a 32 Chevy doodlebug in the early 60's
53plypat  - November 6, 2010
I would guess that neither model is for sale.
oldtimerider  - October 25, 2010
1928 or 29 model A truck is my guess.The gal is a much younger model.
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