Old Rat Rod at The Rust Revival

An old Rat Rod spotted in Wayland,MO. There is a guy there who has a restaurant there and he puts on a big Rat Rod only car show every year. It's called "The Rust Revival".

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Sep 15, 2011

We call these cabsters and they are everywhere here in CO. Our bud picked up a ton and a half 39 Chevy farm truck (just the sheetmetal) for $150 and put it on a 72 VW pan. Full fenders, chopped and channeled. Fun, cheap rat built while unemployed.

Jul 29, 2011

These old truck cabs have become very popular for hot rod building. The nice thing is that you can buy a cab from a 2 ton truck and the cab is the same as a half ton. This one looks like a Ford. I have a 36 Dodge cab that is very nice and I will build a similar rat rod some day.