Lots of Rat Rod photos......
Jeff found this great spot full of Rusty Ride photo finds, including a 1937 Ford, a `35 Ford?.., AN old Kaiser, a Rambler, a rare "shark nose" willys, a `49 Plymouth. Anyone want to further identify?
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rustyford  - February 3, 2016
37 Ford..
29trkguy  - May 22, 2011
37 Porcupine ....oops grass engine.
29truckguy  - March 29, 2009
37 ford?.....
niftyfifty  - April 9, 2008
a rat rod with a rats nest in it...lol
sailingadventure  - February 29, 2008
If you would like to see more of these old cars, look at my website; www.mccainautomotive.com. We`re not selling anything, just showing interesting things for car guys.
oldmanjones  - January 10, 2008
that last picture looks quite a bit like the 46 plymouth special deluxe i have in my humble garage. those grill parts would also look good in my garage.
78fordf250  - December 1, 2007
that last one looks like a 41 plymouth i think
jeffwegner  - August 16, 2007
Tell us more...where are these cars?
panelguy  - July 13, 2007
That Rambler wagon must have been there for a long,long time to have tree that big in the engine compartment...
55pickup  - July 1, 2007
Can someone pleaaaaase tell me where this place is??
fenderuse22  - May 17, 2007
Awesome stuff!
55pickup  - May 9, 2007
Hey who's the guy next to the plymouth?? Maybe he's stealing parts....lol
downintheweeds  - April 17, 2007
Looks like the same location where a ’37 Studebaker Dictator Coupe was rescued from. Amazing place of Americana and then some! The ’49 Plymouth is actually a ’46-48. My first ride was a Deluxe Coupe that I paid $15 for. Yeah, some years back! Thanks, Jeff!
29modela  - March 22, 2007
the sixth picture, the one after the Willys, is a wierd little french van called a Multipla,it's from around the late 50's to early 60's
willysgasser40  - March 19, 2007
Hey Jeff the Willys is a 1937! I wish I knew where it is at I need parts for my Coupe . What a KQQL find! Thanks for posting your find ! [email protected]
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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