JunkYard in Idaho
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58chevyguy  - May 25, 2011
Looks like a Plymouth
legratrodder  - November 7, 2010
Post war Ford coupes are nice. I have had a couple of them as street rods. Nice drivers. Parts are easy and cheap to come by.
55pickup  - June 20, 2008
This would make another great pic for a calender....that is if no one saves her 1st....lol
4wheelsandaseat  - February 29, 2008
that bus woul make a cool car transport a C-60 chevy??
lowlow  - November 19, 2007
wondering if u had any 38 internationals there i need 1 with a title. also where is your junck yard
myhot56kustom  - November 16, 2007
i would love that coupe!i wouldnt care if i had to do a little weedwhackin' to get it out!
mooneyes31coupe  - April 27, 2007
GREAT PICs!!! they remind me of those calenders you see with OLD rusty cars on them..
dodgewolfgang  - April 15, 2007
gmc, how much for your truck?
gmc  - December 10, 2006
i would like to know where this is
gmc  - December 10, 2006
i own that truck only mine is a 1 ton i would be interrestid in selling it
rusto44  - December 6, 2006
Whoever owns this could charge admission, and I'd pay a small fee just to look over all these rides. :)
hal698  - October 16, 2006
That chevy truck looks like someine restored it at one time. No telling what might be under the hood. Looks like they ran into something and lost interest.
cmc8  - August 16, 2006
i want that truck
redneck  - July 28, 2006
nice rides
dman  - June 13, 2006
They may really look at you funny if people see you crusin in that school bus.
chevy  - March 26, 2006
yell what junk yard
moparhead  - March 17, 2006
what junk yard in idaho is it
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