Future Rat Rod Builders Dream
All set to be rat rodded and ready to go.
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legratrodder  - June 3, 2012
I am impressed that you bought it. Too many times, you get the "I'm going to restore it someday story". Glad it's inside and loved again.
53plypat  - April 29, 2011
Outstanding save of a solid piece. Nice knowing there's one less in the woods, to be "fixed up someday" and one more on the street providing fun to all who see it as well as the owner.
jamesdole  - April 29, 2011
It is actually a 35 and it is extremely solid. I finally talked the guy into selling it to me after about 6 months of trying, it is sitting in my shop now and already has all the body work done and primered. They even had the rest of the car in one of their out buildings.
mcyphert  - April 28, 2011
it looks very do-able
legratrodder  - April 27, 2011
Chevy. 33 or 34. Looks amazingly solid. This would make a great hot rod. Even has glass in it.. Wow These had a lot of wood in them and usually the doors sag. Lots of guys shy away from them because of the wood. I have a 32 and it still has a lot of original wood.
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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