1947 Oldmobile
Another great Rusty Ride find, Eric sent this picture of a 1947 Oldsmobile that had been left to rust away in the field.
Community Feedback
843rats  - January 6, 2010
That's awesome! I just got a 46 Olds heap - looks like nothing compared to this one. I'm interested in seeing what the drivetrain and flooring look like in this one.
chevygilligboy  - October 31, 2009
with new glas and headlights,this car would look great on the road
ericb  - March 7, 2009
It's damm nice. No rust out anywhere. Kids. I can't call them aimless kids, 'cause they did hit the glass - bored, then. A shame. At least they didn't jump up-n-down on the roof...
mcyphert  - February 24, 2009
Wow, that's in nice shape. Too bad someone had to go and smash the glass.
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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