Old 1932 Ford Coupe cut into a Roadster

Old 1932 Ford coupe cut into a roadster. The roof is most likely off a Chevrolet and doesn't fit the car!

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Oct 10, 2012

Just reviwed all of the pics of old Rusting Rat Rod potentials. Great pics and great job of saving and posting for our enjoyment.
Love it!!!

Nov 3, 2009

I would like to see better pics of this car. There is a British car called a Riley that had a similar roof and doors. Maybe it's not a Ford at all. Cool, no matter what it is.

Oct 6, 2007

what a shame that old ford could really be somthing with the right person getting there hands on it like me

Jul 27, 2007

guys please don't drink when loading your ride; 1: it gets loaded like you see it here 2: now where'd i park at?? oh well have another beer and lets think about it

Apr 28, 2007

Boy I'm glad no one let me rust peace And I had a hard life.. but a new life now..

Mar 6, 2007

An old man that used to live down the street from me had a 32 ford with a odd top on it.I tried to buy it from him for years but he wouldnt sell he drove the car untill the early seveties and then parked in his back yard. Last I heard he moved to the country somewhere. If this is the same car from Texas City let it rust in peace shes had a hard life.

Feb 23, 2007

somebody's gotta save this one

Jan 29, 2007

i think it good that some body wanted to create a real ride that they have done but as all know it takes money to fix what ever that was set out to do

Jan 17, 2007

PS..on second look that body apears to be channeled already! Halfway there!!!

Jan 17, 2007

Here is another that would make a great classic old school hot rod...again channeled and a flathead V8...Maybe a highboy but i like the low boy better for some reason!

Dec 31, 2006

Thats a steal for sure. And If I knew where this was, that is just what I would to do it.

Dec 11, 2006

it is a hot old car you dont see any of old cars like that and if so i would like to buy them

Dec 11, 2006

i would love to buy it

Nov 14, 2006

If any of you want to see some real CARnage visit www.carsinbarns.com

Oct 28, 2006

Cant believe that these idiots still want to try and buy the car when none of these are for sale!.. Want to buy a steel 28-32 body? go to brookvilleroadster.com and stop annoying this site. noobies.

Oct 3, 2006

I think I saw this in DELIVERANCE. See the arrow?

Sep 27, 2006

That would be cool to have in my back yard.

Aug 22, 2006

no its not on the back of an old trailer look more careful and u will see an old truck!

Aug 22, 2006

it looks like he was trying to haul it out and got stuck so he left both!

Aug 19, 2006

how much for this car?

Mar 21, 2006

whos car is it and how do i get a hold of this person

May 24, 2005

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