Future Rat Rod
The restoration on making this a convertible is already half way complete. Thank you Calvin for this great Rusty Ride photo.
Community Feedback
wpost41  - August 8, 2019
how much for the car?
58chevyguy  - March 25, 2011
I wonder witch one is faster.
58chevyguy  - June 30, 2010
Very cool pic! Love the bike.
kviper52  - May 21, 2010
i have 2 of these got em for free the other day they are very far gone tho makes me sad ones a convertible...
53plypat  - March 14, 2010
Bicycle is cool also.
oldtimerider  - February 10, 2010
30 or 31 Model A Ford.
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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