Chevrolet Rat Rod
More of the Rescued Rides from George, great Rat Rod material.
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oldtimerider  - November 13, 2010
1929 is when chevy went to a six to replace the four I think?Unlike Ford they were not flathead motors.
legratrodder  - June 25, 2009
When I saw that coupe sitting on your trailer, I smiled. Great save.
gdrill  - April 20, 2009
Yes I am quite sure it is a '29 Chev. But there is one thing cooler! It now sits proudly waiting to become one of my "hot rods"!
embarracuda  - April 7, 2009
help me i am melting!!!
legratrodder  - February 17, 2009
Is anything cooler that an old automobile sitting on the western plains. Is it a Chevy?
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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