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Does anyone know what this one is? Rob Peters sent it to us, great pictures!
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29trkguy  - May 22, 2011
1940`s Leafmobile.
58chevyguy  - June 30, 2010
Looks like a late 40s Plymouth or Dodge
red1  - August 3, 2009
its either a 47-48 fleetmaster
mcyphert  - December 15, 2008
I gonna have to agree with 55pickup on this one!
19cvy57man  - February 22, 2008
Airflow is out of the question.
lugnutz  - November 5, 2007
this looks like a 40 plymouth, look at the speed lines on the back fenders, also the wiper's are located below the windsheild. I have the same one in my garage, just about the same shape too.
bigfrank  - October 7, 2007
It looks like the lowrider bomba my buddy had back in the late 70s in Sanfrancico,I think its a 1940 plymouth...
devonflood  - September 4, 2007
Could be a Nash or Hudson
thejoker  - September 1, 2007
Its a 46 - 48 plymouth looks like mine only mine has paint :)
58olds  - June 3, 2007
maybey its a 48 mercery road master with a fireball 8
55pickup  - May 1, 2007 certainly was an old car of some
ibleedformopar  - April 5, 2007
I'm pretty sure it's a 1941 Plymouth or Dodge.i'm told that was the first year for that one piece curved rear glass. I had to look for that glass for one of my 41 Plymouths and several people mentioned it.
47chevjyd  - April 5, 2007
i think its a 1937-1949 chrysler airflow
47chevjyd  - April 5, 2007
or could be a 40 plymouth
stephen  - February 21, 2007
You're in luck - It's a 1940 Deluxe Luxury Liner 4 door sedan. 84,946 of these cars were made. I remembered it from a book I own called Cars of the Fascinating 40's (by the auto editors of consumer guide.) It shows a picture of a brand new one on page 15.
dj44  - February 19, 2007
I think i know what this is, I know where one is but a log skidder did it in. I believe its a 37 Lincon Zephre, My dad sold the Zephre emblems that were on the hood years ago. this car was his uncles and was left to rust. wish I had done something with it a long time ago.
copenman  - January 8, 2007
It is a 1940 Plymouth P-10 4 door Deluxe. Note the suicide doors. I'm currently working on one myself.
nailhead58  - January 7, 2007
It looks like a '39-'41 Plymouth to me, but it'd be nice to see a shot of the taillight area, or a better shot of the rear fenders. Maybe you could get some kid to clean up the leaves for five bucks. ;)
47chevjyd  - December 16, 2006
looks like a chrylser????
johnnyb75  - December 4, 2006
My father says it's too young to be a Chrysler Airflow, he says it a 39 Chrylser DeSoto or Plymouth...they all used the same body shells. Without an emblem, you can't tell.
shagrat  - November 25, 2006
It's a 39-41 Mopar of some kind. It's hard to tell without a front clip.
erclark128  - November 22, 2006
my guess is, this is a 1938 to 1940 maybe '41 Nash
wjhj  - October 19, 2006
I take it back, the rust lines in front of the door indicate hood and fender lines. Looks really similar to around a 40 Dodge though.
wjhj  - October 18, 2006
Chrysler or Desoto Airflow maybe? Not an Imperial though, it isn't long enough in the back.
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