1940's Desoto 2 door slant back coupe

This amazing Desoto was in great shape. The only thing missing was the hood. The chrome and stainless on the car was in great shape and even the original glass taillights were complete. Look at that visor, that must have been installed back in the 50's

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Jun 16, 2010

Just missing a hood? Icould probably scrounge one up.

Dec 11, 2009

wow..look at the Crome..The old boys know how to crome..hu.and to day..Crome plastic.. Sad to see all the pic in here..Come one HELP...

Apr 30, 2008

Is thet green one in the rear a COE!

Apr 4, 2008

If the owner doesn't want to part with it....then why not get it out the field and protect from the elements until he decides what to do it....such a shame to leave a classic like this to rust away like that ...such a shame.

Jan 26, 2008

I know a guy who has a 48 7 passenger DeSoto (with roof rack and visor) in much better shape. Too bad this one doesn't seem to have a future.

Jan 4, 2008

Don't be to hard on the old guy, a few years back I sold a 47 Dodge street rod project that I couldn't finish, to a man that "said" he was going to finish it and show it, I have never seen the car again!!!!! now I wish I would have kept it, at least I would know it was not striped of parts and scraped

Sep 1, 2007

The Ganster's Ride has finally given up

Jul 23, 2007

A 48 I do believe...I just cant tell if thats a bumber guard in front or an old bed frame...lol.

May 6, 2007

Yup!....Still smiling after all these years.

Feb 6, 2007

if you are not using it sell it to someone who will

Jan 30, 2007

something about those old guys and their junk.. I'd bet he'd trade the car to his nearest neighbor straight across for a lawnmower though..... yet selling it to a good home is just out of the question.

Jul 22, 2006

That's a Fulton Adjustable visor- have one on my '47 Ford truck. The grille and visor alone are worth a grand. But rotting away is more fun, right?

May 16, 2005

I doubt very much that the owner will part anything. In taking photos at this particular ranch it was safe to say nothing was for sale!