1940 Willys Coupe
George sent us this shot of his blue rusty 1940 Willys coupe. As it sits now it has a 354 Hemi in it. George says, "She still has a long way to go before it is done, but it's on its way".
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chromenfins  - February 6, 2013
29trkguy  - May 22, 2011
love the Willys.
oldtimerider  - January 29, 2010
Don't see many steel ones in these anymore.Looks like tilt glass one piece front.Stones,Wood,&Cook is what most us old guys think when we see a 40,41 like this.Lots of others ran them allso.Ohio George had more than one.33 was cuter and squared but these 40/41 were meaner looking when made into drag cars.
corsa65  - July 12, 2009
put a blown hemi in her
29truckguy  - March 29, 2009
It gives me the willy`s......LOL
niftyfifty  - April 15, 2008
what a sweet ride this will once be....thanx for posting this pic!
ace6  - March 9, 2008
Awesome ride. I'm jealous...
4wheelsandaseat  - February 29, 2008
My turn put a 440 6pk in it any way gassers rule!!!!
austins455chevytruck  - February 19, 2008
that would be damn cool with a 455 or anything for that matter
turbo69stang  - February 11, 2008
Definatly needs a Big Block. I have a Ford 63 427 solid cammer That would go sweet in something like this old Gasser. I need to find one. Sorry Boys the 427 isnt 4sale
novaman  - November 8, 2007
nice car
novaman  - November 8, 2007
nice car
55pickup  - November 7, 2007
sorry didn't mean to rattle your roll cage choptoptin...and your right I for one do appeciate any and all restoration being done to save these classics...so I do apologize.
choptoptin  - May 10, 2007
Hey 55pickup . You need some glasses! It is not a kit car . It looks to have a glass front end . I see rust & repair patches . What a kQQl Gasser . Find the history on this old drag car!
55pickup  - May 9, 2007
Looks like another fiberglass kit car.
richkid  - April 25, 2007
what size engine is in it??
voodoo  - February 25, 2007
Ya, But blowup doll does not want to know what you intend to do with your latest treasure. you've just brouth home. voodoo
choptoptin  - February 22, 2007
A fiberglass kit car is like having a blowup doll as a wife ,there just not real
47chevjyd  - December 16, 2006
i just drove down to winder georgia for one of these!!!! but its fiberglass. I coud have gone ta outlaw bodies here in pa but thay to pricy!!!! got mine for 3000 bucks!!
rusto44  - November 20, 2006
This ride is or was pure adrenalin, imagine a 572 Chev for go power. A real heavy hitter.
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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