Another Rat Rod project left to rust away...
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oldtimerider  - July 6, 2008
1937 Chevy sedan.I have a 37 Chevy pu.37&38 pickup grills look like the car of the same year.They are not close enough to interchange.The cars were more modern.The trucks still had one pice windshilds that crank out and a flat dash held in by four bolts.Trucks changed in 1939 but still had a crank out through early 1947.
cameronrobin  - April 27, 2008
I think it's a chev the things you could do with that though
valleyrayj51pontiac  - April 8, 2008
love the butterfly hood and frog lights would make good rod.
panelguy  - April 2, 2008
Nice pic...Chevy maybe..
hudsonmanic  - April 2, 2008
Or could it be a buick?
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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