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whostolemy53chevypu  - April 4, 2012
OK!... My next build. Wait, I live in Cali. Ill take it to the beach. YES!
moparmainiac  - February 24, 2011
this rig is cool, would love to get my hands on it even tho I'm not a ford fan
legratrodder  - December 10, 2008
i've seen an 8N ford tractor with a similar setup. worked great
fiftysurfwagon  - November 30, 2008 that is cool. I don't care how you look at it. I would love to get ahold of that and yes, restore it!
ford808  - November 1, 2008
Man, if anything screams "restore me!" this does. '40 Ford right? Don't have much use for it here in Hawaii though. Too bad, sigh.....
55pickup  - July 23, 2008
heheheh.....I love it! could sure use that up here in canada!
jax55  - March 10, 2008
Does it have a heater?
turbo69stang  - February 12, 2008
Simple as it gets conversion. I love it.
hotrod4064  - February 9, 2008
Boy what a Rig that is the coolest ride i have ever seen be grate to have up in UP Mi.
panelguy  - January 24, 2008
I tried that my dogsled stuck in the drive-thru.......;o)
myhot56kustom  - January 19, 2008
okay,i'll take off to get a tims coffee to keep me warm working on my frozen hotrod...
panelguy  - January 6, 2008
No way You hoser...Take off
myhot56kustom  - January 4, 2008
thats one way to enjoy a hotrod yearround up here in canada.not sure if it will fit in my igloo garage....
dodgeseeker  - December 31, 2007
my dad had one of these and he was driving it and he rolled it now that sucked!!!!!
alabamalineman  - December 31, 2007
That is pretty cool. I think I would add a flatbed,a new paint job and enjoy it. I have never saw one. We dont have much use for one in the south.
58fury  - December 30, 2007
Wow, they must have ALOT of snow to need that :D
rustysouth  - December 29, 2007
yes VERY COOL.....SNOW! (get it?) LOL. Is that SANTA behind the wheel?
panelguy  - December 26, 2007
now that is cool....
kettlekeeper  - December 26, 2007
I have seen a Ford Model A Sedan with this conversion. It came out of Sun Valley Idaho and was used at the lodge in the 30's.
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