1928 Ford Model A

1928 Ford Model A found in a barn with pigeons that were roosted right above it, it runs and everything works on it. This was a sedan that at one time someone did a homemade job on to make it pickup.

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Dec 26, 2014

Just posted on the other pic of this truck and a 32 that it looked like a sedan made into a truck as was often done in WWII.Cabs on real 28/29 Ford trucks look taller.last two years 30/31 Model A trucks looked more like the cars in cab hight.

Apr 12, 2012

Ol' Popcorn Sutton, makin' a delivery. :)

Jan 1, 2012

Wow!!!!!!! what a cool Ford do you have it up for Sale or are you going to restore it.I wish I had it in my driveway this would be pretty fun to cruise around it.

Thanks for the picture.

May 22, 2011

During WWII gas rationing was the norm. If you had a truck, you got more gas tickets. Lots of guys made their own trucks. Very cool part of American history.