Old International Pickup - Mid to late 30's

Anyone care to guess the year of this International Pickup?

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Feb 3, 2008

that,s a 35 I own one

Jan 20, 2008

nice to see young people with a good eye.don't crush em rat ride em

Jan 3, 2008

13yearoldtrucklover:Yes I really am 13 its not to bad looking I would love to have it. Where is this truck?

Sep 5, 2007

This Truck would be creepy at night in a swamp or marshland

Aug 24, 2007

where is ? can be very hot rod

Aug 19, 2007

37 were a total different body the trucks changed drasticly

Aug 19, 2007

33-36 i'm positive

Jul 25, 2007

1937 looks like mine

Jul 23, 2007

I'd love to own it - any leads would be appreciated. The pickup is a 34-march 37 - can't tell from the picture. If the doors are wood framed its 34/35 if they are steel framed its 36/37. Wheelbase appears to be 113 - they also made a 125 inch for the pickups. Love more pics and info.

Jul 20, 2007

1935..I do believe.