1960's Ford Truck Custom Cab
Here is a 60's Ford Truck Custom Cab that looks like it has been sitting here for a long time. It has a straight six, with manual trans plus the body is straight and mostly rust free.
Community Feedback
sixty2unibodygmail  - August 14, 2011
Looks like a Unibody and in good shape. Someone get it before it rust away.
55pickup  - June 11, 2010
Ohhhh....I want this truck!
chevy80camaro  - March 27, 2010
I am pretty sure it is a long bed. I took the picture back in November.
lasater4  - March 19, 2010
Is it a short frame? Can't tell
novanut74  - January 3, 2010
I'd love to have that truck
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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