Early Kaiser Pickup Truck

An Early Kaiser pickup truck that perhaps has been modified.

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Sep 28, 2008

I did not know that Kaiser made pickups

Nov 10, 2007

go back & look at "Early 1940's Hudson Pickup" in Rusty Classic Trucks section , these are in the the same yard keeping each other company .you can see the 59 Chevy also

May 1, 2007

this is a truck??

Apr 18, 2007

FayeBeth, you and your husband are absolutely correct. Leave that one where it rests!

Apr 16, 2007

Yeah the Ford Ranchero was there, but Studebaker had the Coupe Express twenty years earlier. It was based on their Dictator passenger car and with some incredible styling! The 1937 model was the highest production.

Mar 17, 2007

The car is a 1952 - 54 Henry J, not a 1951. A 1951 Henry J has different grillwork, different front bumper and a '51 would not say "Corsair Deluxe" on the fender. Yes, it is someone's handy work as Kaiser never produced such a thing. Remember, the first car/pickup combination produced was the Ford Ranchero in 1957. Kaiser may have done some protos but never any production cars and no Henry Js. Regarding fenderuse22's question, my dad did the conversion in the link he posted and it is definitely not the same one. Lots of people customized cars in the '50s and '60s so I wouldn't be at all suprised if someone else did one too. Thanks for the post - it's cool.

Mar 7, 2007

Hey Check out this link. do you this could possibly be the same car? http://www.henryjcars.com/henryjcars/HJpickup/hjpickup.html

Sep 21, 2006

Hi Blake, my husband has done some research on that old Kaiser truck. He said to tell you that it is a 1951 Henry J.Car converted into a pickup truck. In a Dec 2006 issue ROD AND CUSTOM MAGAZINE , which is the newest one on page 36 there is a photo of a 51 Henry J. Red .. It is an original body car and if you look at it you will see the old rusty truck has the same lines to it. Hope that helps you. FayeBeth

Sep 20, 2006

we are in the process of rebuilding an old 1947 Kaiser Pickup Truck that was built for Earl Madman Muntz by Kaiser. There was a total of three of them built but thought ours was the only one left... You might have found one of the other ones, Cannot be sure, where is it located? Would love info . on it. Thanks. Faye

Aug 3, 2006

Yes but did Kaiser ever bild one I wonder if it mite be somones handy work. I know thay got chep and body men used to have som fun with Kaisers. Could be org. Will check back to see if any one knows.