Retired Farm Trucks
Here's a pair of Retired International and Ford Farm trucks sitting out in the woods!
Community Feedback
metallicafan88  - March 5, 2010
the one on the right looks mad
14yearoldtrucklover  - April 11, 2009
I WILL buy the one on the left!!! If someone could tell me where and how much, I'll really look into it!
smokey53  - April 21, 2008
That Ford looks like it could be an F-5 by the size of the wheel opening in the front fender.I sure would like to have that truck or a whole lot of parts off of it.
hwyman56  - November 11, 2007
those are some tough trucks!!they need to be re-icarnated
devonflood  - August 28, 2007
Are these truck's even real they look animated
1950ford  - August 4, 2007
id like the 51-2 ford where and how much? i know its not supposed to be for sale but it says it might be so ?
trifives  - June 1, 2007
yep it is a 37 international i have one
55pickup  - May 5, 2007
Its time someone made these babies unretired!
realamerican  - April 4, 2007
1982cj5renegade  - March 15, 2007
the ford is a 1951 lookat the griil
rustyoldman  - August 3, 2006
One on left is a Ford but one on right is a I.H. late 30s.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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