1965 Ford F100 Custom cab
Mike found this 1965 Ford F100 in an old Farmers Field. He picked it up for $50.00, It has an 8 ft bed with a straight 6 engine.
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rootpass  - April 12, 2008
Does it have a tail gate. If so will it fit a 66 f-100.How much would you sell gate for.
55pickup  - March 26, 2008
wow!...nice find.
johnnyray  - March 19, 2008
I once owned a red and white 3-quarter ton like this. Had big ol' split-rim wheels on it too.
tntrods  - February 8, 2008
not all were unibody , and the ones that were still had normal frames, there just isn't a space between cab and box, its all one piece,a unibody long box is rare , they made more short box versions..if it was a merc its better also
panelguy  - February 7, 2008
I think these were unibody subframed....?
johnmfrommass  - February 3, 2008
$50,00 for this old Ford pickup certainly is a steal in my book anytime.
oldmanjones  - February 3, 2008
here we go again.new head light,clear tape and a ratchet strap for the hood and this $50.00 ride will be ready to go.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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