Old International Truck
Another great Rusty Ride pic and story from Dan! "This International truck is sitting about a 1/2 mile from my house and belongs to the same old farmer that has the Studebaker truck in his cow lot. One of these days, I'll see if he'll let me bring them home." Thanks, Dan (Shagrat)
Community Feedback
60apache4by  - October 26, 2010
chickun wagon fur hillbillys
55pickup  - June 11, 2010
kuhln  - December 24, 2009
go rv'ing
corsa65  - July 12, 2009
yup redneck motorhome
junkyardmustang  - June 11, 2009
west virginia here i come .....
mustangboss  - April 13, 2009
Is that a house on the back
14yearoldtrucklover  - April 11, 2009
Nice restore type of vehicle! But put a 21st Century house on the back! Please!
dwp27  - March 22, 2009
Someone save this thing. Very cool ride and endless things to do with it. Camper, rollback, plain flatbed or anything else you could think of.
65chevypickupguy  - February 14, 2009
make a great camper and go to the races only one for sure!!!!!
4wheelsandaseat  - February 12, 2009
I wounder if the frame is stock or a custom job.Perhaps this truck can be made in to a roll back??
4wheelsandaseat  - January 18, 2009
Its a mobile chicken farm.... can ya say fresh eggs!
rustysouth  - January 6, 2009
naw....I got me one o' them!!!!! this thing is way much nicer.......metal not even rusty at all on this-un'......????????
harley0  - January 4, 2009
I think it's a red neck/hillbilly motor home.
rustysouth  - December 11, 2008
cool truck!!!! what is the house thing on the back?
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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