1953 1 ton Chevrolet Canopy Express
This is a 53 Chevrolet Canopy Express 1 ton, still sitting in a barn in Illinios.
Community Feedback
canopyx  - December 8, 2007
i heard this is for sale
mulligbw  - November 13, 2007
I've got a '49 1 Ton Canopy Express just waiting for a little TLC to get it back on the road. Not many of these around.
neals49  - September 6, 2007
Way KOOL, luv to see in person, have my own 49 GMC canopy express 1/2 ton. I will sumbmit my photo in from 05 when I found it.
canopyx  - September 4, 2007
this truck is as solid as a rock and complete
47fmaster  - August 2, 2007
would u like to sale this ride thanks
55pickup  - May 1, 2007
love to see more pics of this
panelguy  - April 10, 2007
sure looks like a restorable one..gotta love those panelvans...
gottohavearustyride  - April 2, 2007
it's sad to let it go because i love panels
68birdragtop  - March 28, 2007
just have to love this truck...would love to know its location
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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