1949 Mercury Pickup Truck
Two 1949 Mercury Trucks and a 30 ford truck converted into a tractor.
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legratrodder  - April 30, 2009
I grew up with model A's converted to tractors. We called them doodlebugs. I had a lot of fun with these. They weren't much of a tractor, but cool. I had a 32 Chevy doodlebug that I paid $15 for. It had two transmissions and a Model TT rear end.
55pickup  - July 3, 2007
I'll take either one of those trucks.
vibesup  - February 22, 2007
I'll take that brown one on the right. Nope, yep, that one right there....
corvairscaddys  - February 13, 2007
rare, yeh?
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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