Classic Trucks left to rust away...

Liam sent in some great pictures from Sask and Alberta Canada, Mostly from abandoned farms or from farms that have left them out in the fields to rusty away. Great pictures, thanks Liam

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Aug 1, 2010

Hey peterranger, I live in Alberta and some cars that my GRANDPA owned from the 40's are still in pretty good condition! Like restorable condition. They are mostly 47-49 Dodge or Plymouth's that have been sitting from the 50s. So I disagree with you.

May 21, 2010

to the old truck :so how long u been rusting

May 21, 2007

oh man that is sad!!

May 2, 2007


Apr 22, 2007

i just wanna know where are this 196something c10 pick up i need some parts

Apr 11, 2007

Ok...just to clear up the "most of the stuff in Canada is too rusted" theory....sorry...but You are sooooo wrong...!!!...B.c has plenty of goood stuff and the maritimes e.t.c..... but Ontario is the worst because of our Stupid governments system of putting salt on the roads in eats everything in sight unless you rust proof the hell out of your vehicle every year..(which most people didnt even think of doing untill the seventies and eighties..).I've seen so many cars go to scrap because of their rotted undersides...even though the rest of the vehicle was in great shape...what a waste...!!! that said...there are still some useable vehicles say say that nothing survives is just not true...! any vehicle left in a grassy location with moisture present in any country...will Rust...!

Apr 11, 2007

check out all the cool stuff just listed in vehicles for sale... by Gordie Vincent in Mantitoba Canada....just goes to prove what I said...happy hunting....;o)

Apr 5, 2007


Mar 24, 2007

These trucks are in three locations all just south of edmonton alberta the 31 and the other chev are 6min west of lamont,the 41 and the blue apache are in sherwood park,the63 short/fleet is in two hills and to peteranger:nothing survies in onterio or the east or west coast but alberta,sask and manatoba are very dry they can sit 40 years and not get much more rust,but the grass is hard on the undercarige.

Mar 22, 2007

Is that a 31 Chev in the 3rd pic?

Mar 19, 2007

I live in canada and there is almost nothing left of cars after they have been left in fields longer then 2-3 years

Mar 2, 2007

It says in the description. 'Pictures from Sask and Alberta Canada'. Most everything up their is too rusty to do anything with!

Mar 2, 2007


Feb 17, 2007

Whatta shame