Classic Truck left to Rust Away
Thank you Calvin for sharing this great photo!
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whostolemy53chevypu  - April 4, 2012
Im believe thats a three-wheeled Cushman far left. I have one, without the optional roof add-on though. Pretty rare find these days. BTW... I have extra parts. I also have a shell of a japanese made three-wheeler. They look similar, but its not as wide as the Cushman.
29trkguy  - May 22, 2011
better shape one in Auto-RV mag. this week!
nomorerust  - April 23, 2010
Looks to be an old VW buggie to the left, and to the left of that? Looks to be an old Isetta? 3 wheeled European unit. Wish I could find something like this truck in this shape in Alberta!
53plypat  - April 2, 2010
There was a 41 parked on property next to my wife's cousin's place near Strasburg, CO. It also had the wide hood strip and was in similar condition. Gone now,I hope someone's building it.
oldtimerider  - February 27, 2010
Looks to be a 41 Ford.The only way I tell a 40 and 41 pu apart is the wide strip on the hood on a 41 and not wide on a 40.I like the 40 better.This looks like some one had started filling in the holes from the wide strip. 1941 cars changed but pickup look allmost the same as 40.The big trucks do not look like this.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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