Late 40's early 50's Chevy Truck
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ccpanel  - October 1, 2013
54 cab
54 gmc front end(missing a few trim parts but you can see the dents for trim below headlight)
brady381need68c10  - June 3, 2011
notice its a 5 window so possibly 53 maybe 54!gmc/chevy
60apache4by  - October 27, 2010
look like sombody had good intentions at one time then got tired of it....poor thing.
fanofrustycars10  - June 16, 2010
Lawn-art? Mabe that's the excuse I need to get a 59 Cadilac in the yard, I hope...
legratrodder  - November 18, 2009
Lawn Art. I have a '37 Oldsmobile that I use for lawn art. I have it on good roller tires and I move it occasionally so I don't kill the grass. It doesn't cost anything and makes for great conversation.
4wheelsandaseat  - November 8, 2009
why do these fools leav them under trees??
53plypat  - November 2, 2009
Actually GMC by the hood and grill. Newer one also with the one piece windshield. Quite a few Chevies this vintage around here (Colorado), hardly any GMCs.
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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