1940s White
1940s White up north
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my99ems  - December 30, 2009
At 68 I was overwhelmed by the memorys Thank you.
panelguy  - May 18, 2008
This is for sale at www.theironalley.com its a 1938.....so I'm wondering who posted this pic...the owner or someone who "borrowed" the pic..?
porkrell  - March 28, 2008
I would like to buy this truck for a project let me know 408 529 1565 Al
panelguy  - December 25, 2007
mmm..... I went to that address and this truck is definitely not there...what are you talking about....?
78fordf250  - December 4, 2007
hey looks its for sale here!!! www.theirongallery.com they want $3500 for it
55pickup  - May 5, 2007
I'd love to see more the truck beside this one.
got2haveajeep  - March 25, 2007
This would be a sweat ride. You be the only one @ a car show with a truck like this.
vibesup  - February 22, 2007
very cool ld extended cab
corvairscaddys  - February 13, 2007
what a sweet project truck! Imagine that Corvair Rampside on the back.
rustnout  - December 28, 2006
That would be a AWSOME ROD HAULER !!!!!!!!
rusto44  - November 18, 2006
datsun-that's a late 40's-early 50's vintage GMC
datsunkingkab  - November 10, 2006
is that a pug next to it?
robertob  - October 1, 2006
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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