1953 Mercury Panel truck

This old 1953 Mercury panel van was stripped for parts then sent to crusher.

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Jul 2, 2010

"JESS MAN MOTORS" Nice panel van! Too bad it had to be sent to the evil crusher though.

Aug 19, 2009

theres lots you save like the doors front and back and the hood doesn't look that bad

Jun 11, 2009

don't crush it put some flower's in it .put it in your yard

Apr 11, 2009

Man that sucks................ Shoulda kept it.....

Oct 5, 2008

I got a few parts off of this...the rear bumper,handles,tailights.Its too bad the guy picked it up with a front end loader with a chain through the front doors,ruined the doors and the roof...he was just in too much of a hurry.....sent it off to the CRUSHER...