Old Trucks
Calvin sent in some Rusty Ride photos, full of these old Trucks that have been left to Rust Away in in barns and woods.
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343w  - January 24, 2010
I did storm cleanup around Tillmans Corner,Ms..I've never seen so much really super tin just sinking in the dirt!No way to get some back to da U.P.
alabamalineman  - December 1, 2009
Its west of Tupelo Ms. and havent seen it in a few years.
jacksonjhsm  - March 12, 2009
where can i find this 56 ford
55pickup  - July 23, 2008
ohhhhh!!!!....i'm getting the shivers here....gimme this truck!
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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