1949 Ford Pickup Truck
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58chevyguy  - July 3, 2010
Like the Buick hubcaps!
junkyardmustang  - June 29, 2009
put some white walls on it .. leave that paint on it.
mcyphert  - November 15, 2008
put some 18" rims and air ride, it would fit right in at a Goodguys meet. Those look like they could be Buick hub caps.
4wheelsandaseat  - August 27, 2008
Funky hub caps orig???
niftyfifty  - May 1, 2008
MAN!...I'd give my left (n*t)...opps...I meant kidney to get a hold of this sweetheart!
smokey53  - April 21, 2008
Put the 8BA back in it and make it a useable truck again.
oldmanjones  - February 25, 2008
you would need replacement tires.the 54 olds v8 was running when parked.they actually had adapters for such engine swaps.the ford transmission and differential were also sound.
johnmfrommass  - February 12, 2008
Aside from the surface rust, this Ford pickup looks rock solid.
turbo69stang  - February 12, 2008
I like! New battn fresh fuel and some air, Drive her home!
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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