Early 50's International Pickup Truck
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harley0  - January 5, 2009
I drove one just like it in high school, HEY that might be the one
z71pickup  - November 17, 2008
i love this cab very perfect lines
valensage48  - June 7, 2008
Now, this is a sad expression! It looks like he's thinking real hard. Maybe reflecting about good times when it's hub caps were shiney.
etallon  - April 5, 2008
Well, that looks just like the one I have in my garage. And if that is the case it is a 53. Now that we have the year most likely established, can anyone direct me to a good source for parts on it. I'm having a little bit of difficulty finding what I need.
ronin  - January 28, 2008
It's a 1951 or 52 (external door hinges), L130 (1 ton, look at the front rims, the reversed dish rims aren't on the L110 or L120). Looks to be in good shape. Hope you are restoring it. Great trucks!
13yearoldtrucklover  - January 2, 2008
Looks to be in very good shape! If You will sell it add comment and put what state you live in.
easterntim  - September 17, 2007
It's 1950.model L110 or L120.I have one just like it and I'm rebuilding it.
rcbonnette  - September 16, 2007
the placard is on the inside left kick panel. it is i believe earll fifties ( maybe 1950).
jocko13  - May 30, 2007
50 to 51 maybe?
fastlaneford  - May 26, 2007
used to be someones pride and joy...would be an awesome resto project
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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