Chevy Blazer abandoned along the road!
Thanks to "Marco" from the Nethlands for taking this picture in California and sending it to us! Marko Writes: " Hi oldrides crew, great site!! In sept 2004 I was visiting the USA ( I'm from the Netherlands) to meet my uncle who lives in Grass Valley CA and as we were driving along I saw this blazer just standing there. It was dumped along the road , I guess it's a mid -eighties blazer. My uncle didn't understand why I took a picture of that old piece of junk, but that was exactly the reason why I took it. I hope you like it too and have a place for it on your site, although it's not very rusty or classic or old , I think it looks pityfull enough to deserve a little attention" ...... Marko
Community Feedback
58chevyguy  - August 22, 2010
Blazer's, never cared much for em.
fanofrustycars10  - June 27, 2010
what is that proping up the front brake hub?
novanut74  - January 4, 2010
Did somone die?
thecarsavior  - May 14, 2009
I have on identicle to this one, best vehicle Ive ever owned... hey who stole my wheels?!
55pickup  - August 14, 2008
wow!...the body looks to be in remarkable shape and well worth restoring i'd say.
55f100  - October 27, 2007
like a rock
smokey53  - October 7, 2007
Think maybe they used the last spare tire?
55f100  - July 9, 2007
very common sight in the 70s and 80s
fastlaneford  - May 26, 2007
look like its engine might have died and the owner thought the only good thing about the truck were they super swamper tires and whells....hehe
fordforever  - May 9, 2007
nice could be nice with a lot of tlc
chevyrocksfordsucs  - April 30, 2007
dude that thing has a lot of potential would make sweet off roader with a little money ans some love!!!
hotroddad  - April 8, 2007
realamerican  - April 4, 2007
phatbastard  - March 10, 2007
hey GMC (ben drinkin?) bad sheap bad lol!!
corvairscaddys  - February 13, 2007
who the hell would do that?
47chevjyd  - December 16, 2006
looks like my 84 k5 isold!!!!
gmc  - December 10, 2006
it isent in bad sheap i would not spend time on it but it needs to be saved
datsunkingkab  - November 10, 2006
amazing theres no busted windows
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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