Old Truck Cab
This old Truck Cab has been used for target practice.
Community Feedback
j28  - May 22, 2011
need this body want to sell
oldtimerider  - May 30, 2010
My guess is a 36 or 37 Chevy/GMC cab.38 is same but has the gas filler through the right rear cab side.
rustynail1o2  - December 21, 2008
boy is this thing random just sitting in the middle of no where!
legratrodder  - December 10, 2008
rat rod in the making. chop/ channel/ hot rod frame/sbc: go cruizing
57gazza  - March 27, 2008
yea...I wonder if the rest of this truck is buried under it too.
panelguy  - February 27, 2008
looks like the start of something cool....
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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